1. 1
    24/7 support via our ASIAL Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  2. 2
    IP67 water and dustproof rating
  3. 3
    Alerts activated by button press, lanyard pull, or fall
Weatherproof, durable, anti-microbial bacteria-repellent devices that last
IP67 water and dustproof rating with microbe-resistant technology
Easy to use, discreet design for peace of mind
Bigger screen displaying reception bars, battery life, date, and time with a discreet, ID-style holder
Easily activate alert functions in any circumstance
Red alert (button press), rip alert (lanyard pull), and fall alerts
Yellow Voice alert
Allows for verbal recording of exact positioning
Access training and support, and update your details at any time
Online training, support, and access portal available 24/7
Devices are covered in case of technical fault under 12-months
12-month warranty
  1. 1
    Discreet ID card holder
  2. 2
    Operates on both Telstra and Optus sims
  3. 3
    Yellow Voice alert with indoor verbal GPS recording
  4. 4
    Our Australian-owned ASIAL-certified Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre is operated in-house, 24/7 for constant access to support
  5. 5
    All data received is securely stored in Australia in accordance with data sovereignty legislation
  6. 6
    We offer complimentary online training for all clients
A 3-second button press, a pull of the lanyard, or a drop of the device
An alert will be raised to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
The operator reviews device information and assesses the situation by listening for signs of distress or violence
If deemed necessary, emergency services are dispatched to your GPS location
All audio captured during the alert is recorded at the Alarm Receiving Centre and can be released if requested by the Police
Simultaneously, the device communicates with GPS to determine and relay the user's location during the alert
our impact
Protecting Australian workers
our impact
Protecting Australian workers
SafeTCard ID Brochure
The SafeTCard ID provides discreet, simple alert activations for your safety and security.
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Dynamic Risk Assesment
This page from Safe Work Australia has information and resources on how to manage risk in the healthcare and social assistance industries.
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What happens when an alert is activated?

A call is made from the SafeTCard device to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre. The operator can access any information associated with the device (e.g. user details, employer, escalation contacts, instructions etc.) by listening to what is occurring in the device’s surroundings. The operator listens, assesses the situation, and responds appropriately, including dispatching emergency services if required. All audio is recorded at the Alarm Receiving Centre and can be released upon Police request. The device will also communicate with GPS for your location*.

*GPS location may not be obtained if the alert is activated indoors, Yellow Voice feature can be used if not at a fixed site.

How do I activate an alert?

Alerts can be activated by pressing a button (red alert), pulling the lanyard to release a pin (rip alert), or fall alert, the alert will activate automatically (incapacitation alert).

What quality management systems does SafeTCard have in place?

SafeTCard Australia is ISO9001 certified, meeting all high-level Australian and International Government Quality Assurance (QA) requirements.

What monitoring do you offer?

SafeTCard devices are monitored by our AS/NZ Certified Grade A1 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is the highest level of certification awarded by Australia’s security peak body, the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). Regular independent audits and certifications maintain our high service standards. Trusted by governments and other high-security organisations, SafeTCard is fully compliant with Government Privacy Laws and Requirements.

What kind of ongoing support is available?

SafeTCard offers comprehensive support throughout the life of the contract through our dedicated support team.

What training is available?

We offer a learner-directed online training platform which can be accessed at any time. Staff will watch a series of videos and complete activities using their device. A SCORM file can also be added to your internal Learning Management Systems.

Can SafeTCard devices be shared?

Yes, all security and safety devices can be allocated to individuals or shared. Users can be individual names, titles, or locations.

Are staff being tracked?

No, the GPS location attempt only commences on alert activation.

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