Healthcare and social assistance workers are a key risk group due to the nature of their work. We aim to provide healthcare workers with personal safety devices that give them confidence and security in their everyday work.

Organisational responsibility for their staff’s safety and wellbeing
SafeTCard products are equipped with GPS and WiFi location technologies that connect directly back to our ASIAL-certified Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), empowering users with an extra layer of safety.
Working closely with high-stress members of the public
SafeTCard products offer direct two-way communications, allowing for simple check-in and alert-raising processes.
Implementing new services effectively and correctly
SafeTCard offers online training for all devices, accessible to users at any time and place for your convenience. SafeTCard also offers an App Workforce Management Platform to support the management of teams and individuals using our SafeTCard App.
Lack of quick, efficient communication in emergency situations
The two-way communications feature in multiple SafeTCard devices allows for fast, clear communications whether via prompted check-in or pre-programmed messages.
Unexpected health emergencies
The red alert (button press), rip alert (lanyard pull), and incapacitation fall alerts work in tandem to allow users better protection to raise an alert where possible or raise an alert automatically if they are unable.
Engaging in external community outreach services and activities
The discreet nature of the SafeTCard devices allows users to activate an alert and communicate their need for support and/or assistance. The audio recording beginning upon the sounding of an alert documents the situation without putting the worker at greater risk.
Managing company safety protocols
SafeTCard provides in-depth usage reports to empower businesses with data about their usage.
  1. 1
    IP67 water and dust certifications
  2. 2
    Bigger screen displaying reception bars, battery life, date, and time
  3. 3
    Microban technology to resist microbes like mould, mildew and bacteria
  1. 1
    24/7 Monitoring via Grade A1 Monitoring Centres
  2. 2
    IP67-certified waterproof in up to 1m of water
  3. 3
    Voice recording, fall detection and two way audio capabilities
An alert is raised from the SafeTCard device to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
The operator identifies on their screen the user information, employer details, and instructions specific to the user.
The operator listens to what is happening in the vicinity of the device and assesses the situation.
The device communicates the GPS and WiFi location of the worker* to the Alarm Receiving Centre and the operator.
The operator responds to the situation appropriately and dispatches emergency services if required.
Audio occurring throughout the alert is recorded at the Alarm Receiving Centre and can be released to the Police upon request.

*GPS location fix may not be obtained if the alert is activated indoors, if not at a fixed site, use the Yellow Voice feature.

What happens when an alert is activated?

A call is made from the SafeTCard device to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre. The operator can access any information associated with the device (e.g. user details, employer, escalation contacts, instructions etc.) and hear what is occurring in the device’s surroundings. The operator listens, assesses the situation, and responds appropriately, including dispatching emergency services if required. All audio is recorded at the Alarm Receiving Centre and can be released upon Police request. The device will also communicate with GPS and WiFi for your location*. *GPS location may not be obtained if alert is activated indoors, Yellow Voice feature can be used if not at a fixed site.

What quality management systems does SafeTCard have in place?

SafeTCard Australia is ISO9001 certified, meeting all Australian and International Government Quality Assurance (QA) requirements.

What training is available?

We offer different training options including face-to-face, virtual, guides, and videos. For the ID, we can offer a SCORM file which can be added to your internal Learning Management Systems.

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Give your workers the security they deserve

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