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Lone Worker App

The Vismo Lone Worker App is fit for purpose for those working out of sight of colleagues and who have risk. The App incorporates highly optimised Black Box® technology which combines method, patent and knowledge to ensure Lone Workers can be located and protected through highly accurate locations. Lone Workers gain peace of mind from the Red Alert feature, Incident Management, Mass Notification as well as others. The App is fully customisable for organisations to add their own branding, colours, web links and phone numbers.
Lone Worker App by SafeTCard

Features Include:

The Vismo App has a Red Alert in case of emergencies which is activated with a simple press and hold. Managers will then be alerted of the activation via SMS and Email.

When an incident occurs, managers can use the Vismo Secure Portal to immediately locate Lone Workers. The Mass Notification feature ensures Lone Workers can be instantly contacted to be provided with critical information or helped to safety.

Assignments can be created for Lone Workers in the Vismo Secure Portal. Individuals receive a notification of the assignment, have the ability to Check-In for safety and two-way messaging capabilities.

Benefits of The Lone Worker App

Peace of Mind for Lone Workers

Lone Workers gain peace of mind knowing if an emergency situation happens, the Red Alert feature is available to immediately raise an alert and inform managers. The Incident Management and Mass Notification feature ensures Lone Workers can be provided with essential information when required.

Improve Employee Wellbeing

Check on your employees wellbeing and provide support to them when appropriate. Vismo can prompt the user and ask how they are feeling, within the Vismo App they can select 'Good', 'OK' or 'Not Good'. The employer can decide the options to an employee if they press 'Not Good', this could include calling a helpline, requesting a follow up or the employee can remain anonymous.

Manage Incidents Effectively

Manage incidents effectively through instantly locating Lone Workers in the vicinity of the incident area and send Mass Notifications to provide information. Bolt-On options for the inclusion of a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre are also available if you’d prefer to outsource incident management.