SafeTCard - Mobile 

SafeTCard mobile is the mobile application suitable for lone workers who face risk on an infrequent basis. Successfully integrating with ANDROID smartphones and rugged PDA's for ease of use, the application ensures users carry only one device.

This lone worker app is available on a variety of smartphones and is dedicated to protecting lone workers across a range of employment sectors.


SafeTCard mobile can work in tandem with the Mobile Workforce Management Platform (MWMP) - a secure portal allowing supervisors to access relevant information about asset management, points of interest or risks to lone workers. This proves to increase cohesion between teams of lone workers, and helps an organisation create a consistent and valuable audit trail.


The safety app uses the same key features as the SafeTCard lone worker device, including:

  • 'Red Alert' - A live audio link to pre-defined number -  (This is only available if own hosting of MWM)
  • 'Amber Alert' - Allowing lone workers to leave contextual messages
  • Status Check - Allowing workers to receive feedback on their connectivity and GPS status
  • Man Down - An automatically raised 'Red Alert' if a user suffers from a slip, trip or fall.

Benefits of the application to lone workers include:

  • Operates when the key lock function is activated
  • User friendly and easy to install
  • BS8484 approved
  • Works in tandem with the MWMP

For a list of all the features available for your total asset management please click on the link below

Click here to get the SafeTcard MWM/Mobile APP Asset management brochure