Duress Alarm Meaning

The SafeTCard lone worker monitoring solution is the most comprehensive way to protect your staff. Here we explain the meaning of the term duress alarm.

What is a Duress Alarm?

A duress alarm, also known as a panic alarm, is a safety tool used to help individuals in an emergency or dangerous circumstance. These alerts, in contrast to other security tools, are for personal use by individuals rather than for buildings or other things. They can be used to keep tabs on someone’s location, check on their health, or serve as an alarm in dangerous circumstances.

Wireless mobile devices that are part of duress alarm systems keep people linked to services that can be of assistance. For their obvious purpose, these gadgets often have a fairly plain design. By subtly integrating panic buttons into the surroundings, the possibility of dangerous situations escalating is reduced.

Every legitimate safety device should be verified as manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

All monitored personal duress alarm (PDA) systems that have an Emergency Alert, GPS Duress Alarm, Rip Alarm, and/or Man Down Alarms are required to be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

ARC that is not A1 Grade approved by ASIAL to Australian standards should NOT be used. Any ARC that is not Grade A1 accredited lacks the policies, practices, and guidelines necessary to provide dependable emergency response.

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Examples of who is at risk

Abusive customers, road rage, violence

Abusive / violent patients / clients/ relatives, manual handling (lifting) injuries

Electric shocks, trips, cuts, falls, accidents, confined spaces

Abuse, violence, robbery, traffic hazards, accidents, biological hazards, falls, burns, toxic exposures

Animal attacks, weather, machinery accidents, chemicals, falling trees

Falls, injury, lifting, injuries from garbage handling, infections, needle sticks, chemicals, violence, robbery

Adverse behaviour

Animal attacks, abusive customers, violence, robbery, accidents

Manual handling injuries, abusive/violent patients, drug handling, robbery, violence

Robbery, violence, abuse, vehicle fumes

Robbery, violence, abuse, manual handling injuries

Confined spaces, toxic gases, biohazards, slips and falls

Abuse, road rage, violence, robbery, road accidents, falling asleep at the wheel

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