The SafeTCard Lone Worker Device in Action

Protecting your staff has never been more important - It's the law

For a lone worker, isolated worker, remote worker, high-risk worker or anyone working alone in any environment, protection is not only important, but now mandatory in most regions. This means that employers are legally obliged to ensure that their employees who are working alone are safe, whether through the provision of a lone worker protection device or other means.

Companies who do not meet this legal requirement are now being fined. Individual managers and occupation health and safety managers are themselves being fined for not providing adequate protection for the lone workers under their care.

SafeTCard is helping thousands of managers and their businesses comply with the Federal Occupation Workplace Health and Safety Bill Harmonization plan. The Federal WHS Bill outlines a number of health and safety requirements that must be met for anyone working alone or in isolation. Whilst the legislation and regulations used to vary from state to state, the Harmonization plan is bringing every state in line with each other, so that the same principles apply across Australia.

The requirements include the following:

  • the requirement to provide adequate supervision;
  • the “due diligence” requirement to take all measures reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker;
  • the duty of employers and supervisors to advise a worker of a hazard;
  • specific requirements for certain tasks, such as driving or confined space entry, that have explicit requirements for the number of people required to be present; and
  • regulations that deal specifically with working alone in some jurisdictions

SafeTCard believe that it is important that your employees and contractors have a lone worker protection device in the event that they are in trouble or even just as a safety precaution, and that they have assurance that help will be on the way at any time or place. The SafeTCard solution can deliver that and also ensure that your business is complying with the law and that you are meeting your legal duty of care.

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