Satellite Solutions


SPOT Gen4 gives you a critical, life-saving line of
communication when you travel beyond the boundaries
of reliable mobile service.

SPOT Gen4 lets family, friends, and colleagues know you are OK, or if the unexpected should happen, sends your GPS location to emergency responders all with the push of a button.

Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential
gear and stay connected wherever you play or work.


Request help from your friends, family and colleagues at your GPS location.

Custom Message

Let contacts know where you are by sending a pre-programmed message with your GPS location.


Automatically send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress using cloud-based mapping.


In an emergency, send an S.O.S. with your GPS location to GEOS, who facilitates search and rescue.


Let contacts know where you are and that you’re okay with a pre-programmed message.

Enhanced Tracking Features


Select from available tracking intervals of 2½, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes and share your adventures in near real-time via the SPOT Mapping Shared View.


SPOT Gen4 will send tracks at your chosen interval for as long as your device is turned on and moving (no need to re-set after 24 hours). Tracking doesn’t stop until you do!


SPOT Gen4 continuously tracks your location while in motion and vibration sensors tell SPOT Gen4 to stop sending track messages only when you stop moving.

SPOT Mapping - Enhanced Mapping Interface

Store more than 50 points on your map

• Improvements to the Share Page functionality

Customise your pinpoint symbols

• Geofencing

• Distance overlay maps