We are excited to introduce you to a new, innovative, and cost-effective 4G ID style personal duress alarm solution. SafeTCard Australia has been providing lone worker solutions for almost 15 years, our experience and knowledge has culminated in producing a unique personal safety device that is second to none.

What is new?

Lone Worker Protection Solutions and Duress Systems by SafeTCard

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FAQ’s for SafeTCard-ID

A call is made from the SafeTCard device to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre. The operator can see on their screen any information associated with the device (i.e. User details, employer details, escalations contacts, operator instructions etc.) The operator can hear what is happening within the vicinity of the device, the operator listens and assess the situation (i.e. signs of distress, aggression, violence etc) and then responds appropriately, this includes dispatching emergency services if required. All of the audio captured during the alert is recorded at the Alarm Receiving Centre, if requested by Police we can release this audio. During an alert, the device will also communicate with GPS to get a fix on your location*

*GPS location fix may not be obtained if the alert is activated indoors, use yellow voice feature if not at a fixed site.

An alert can be activated by pressing a button (red alert), pulling on the lanyard to release a pin (rip alert), or in the event that the device is dropped from approx. chest height the alert will activate automatically (incapacitation alert). When the alert activates all the processes described above start to happen.

As a company, SafeTCard Australia is ISO9001/2015 Compliant­­­, which meets all Australian and International Government Quality Assurance (QA) requirements.  

All alerts are monitored by our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, which is AS/NZ Certified Grade A1, this is the highest level of certification awarded by Australia’s security peak body, Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

SafeTCard offers comprehensive support throughout the life of our contract with you, we have a dedicated support staff team. All changes to personnel details are completed free of charge. Or if you prefer, from March 2022 you can access your own online portal to make changes at your convenience.

We offer a learner-directed online training platform, staff can access the training at a time suitable to them, watch a series of videos and complete activities using their SafeTCard. A SCORM file can also be provided to add to your own internal Learning Management System.

Yes, all security and safety devices can be allocated to individuals or shared. For example, the user can be “John Jones” or for shared devices, by position “Duty Night Manager” or by location “ABC Youthcare House”. You can also have multiple devices using the same generic name such as “Home Care 1” and “Home Care 2” or by location “Shoalhaven 1” “Shoalhaven 2”.

No, the GPS location attempt only commences on alert activation, not at any other time.