SafeTCard Shown to be Effective in Protecting Women From Domestic Violence

In a trial carried out by the non-profit group Safe Futures Foundation the use of SafeTCard personal protection devices has helped to significantly reduce the number of times that perpetrators of domestic violence have breached intervention orders against them.

The trial in Victoria saw 21 women wearing the SafeTCard safety device, which can be activated in the case of an emergency and which will then alert the security company and police to their location as well as relaying a live recording of what is going on.

SafeTCard Australia Domestic Violence Safety Device

As a result of having the SafeTCard duress alarms, along with other security measures, the women not only felt safer and able to reclaim their independence, but the data shows that the likelihood of the offenders breaching their intervention orders was dramatically reduced as they knew that admissible evidence for use in court would be captured if they should do so and that as a result they would ultimately be held accountable for their actions.

This is a perfect demonstration of the effectiveness of the SafeTCard personal safety device in action, helping to prevent violence with the backup of knowing that if it should occur the SafeTCard alarm is able to summon help immediately and direct emergency services to the location.

Politicians on all sides have said that they are committed to further trials of the SafeTCard alarms, but it is not yet entirely clear how much money each of them would devote to the proposed schemes and how many women would benefit from being able to use the devices.

For more information on the SafeTCard device and the features that make it so well suited for use in domestic violence cases please visit our SafeTCard - Domestic Violence Safety Device page or download the SafeTCard Domestic Violence Flyer by clicking on the button below.

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