Safe Work Australia Month Launched

October 2014 is Safe Work Australia Month. The initiative encourages employers and workers to get involved in and concentrate on safety in their workplace with the aim of reduce risks of death, injury and disease.

The theme for Safe Work Australia Month 2014 "Work safe. Home safe". The idea being to remind everyone that the most important reasons for making workplaces safer is not at work at all, but are in fact the things that workers look forward to doing when returning home - the implication being that these can only be enjoyed if a worker returns home safely in the first place.

Launching this year's campaign, the Senator the Honourable Eric Abetz, Minister for Employment said, "Safe Work Australia statistics show – that in the past decade – the number of work-related deaths has fallen by 40 percent to 191 people in 2013. This is the lowest number on record. But it’s still 191 too many."

He continued, "I urge you to be part of Safe Work Australia Month so that together, we can make our workplaces even safer, healthier and more productive in the years ahead.".

Whilst this health and safety at work initiative is aimed at employees engaged in all sectors and job roles it certainly has particular resonance for those workers who are classed as "lone workers" or "remote workers" - those who have to carry out at least some of their normal work related tasks in isolation.

These remote workers are not only particularly vulnerable to injury or assault but, because of the nature of their work environments and the fact that they may be some distance from assistance, they are also at risk of not being able to summon help quickly enough when it is needed.

SafeTCard fully support this initiative and urge all employers to visit the Safe Work Australia Month page on the website to find out more about how to participate during by making use of the virtual seminars, attending safety events or becoming a "Safety ambassador".

There is also a Safe Work Australia Month app that can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store or Google Play which provides safety stats and facts as well as giving access to the complete list of health and safety events happening this October.

In addition, for advice on how to better protect remote and lone workers through the use of the SafeTCard lone worker safety device please contact SafeTCard today and we will be happy to help ensure that your remote workers are fully protected and your legal Duty of Care is being fully met.

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