Workplace Safety - Return On Investment

Workplace safety devices by SafeTCard Australia.In every business (even Government agencies), budgets have to be established and justified to meet safety requirements of employees at every level of the organization. While there is a legal obligation to providing tools to ensure employees are kept safe on the job, there are also very real Productivity Benefits and measurable Workplace Safety Return On Investment benefits for every organization.

Implementing the SafeTCard solutions across your “at risk” employee groups delivers measurable benefits to the organization. So whether this is a CAPEX budget or an OPEX budget allocation, the ROI has an immediate positive impact;

ROI Benefits

* Potential reduction in Insurance Premiums (check with your Insurance provider)

*A measurable increase in employee awareness of their work environment, and their role in improving workplace safety

* Increased Safety Behavior by employees. They understand there’s a reason they are wearing the Safety Card device, they are more aware of the potential risks & the emergency options now available with SafeTCard.

* Overall increase in Productivity as a result of education as well as reduced injuries and lost work days. 

SafeTCard Return on Investment – from an ROI point of view, the initial investment in SafeTCard device pays for itself inside of 12 months, while providing a multi-year benefit to your employees & overall organization productivity.