Are two workers a Good Solution for Worker Safety?

 It’s Expensive – this states the obvious, but two people is double the cost.  On an annualized basis this is easily $60,000 + for the second person.  When work tasks require two people complete, then there is the added benefit of two people on the job.  But the 2 Worker solution is cost prohibitive just to meet Work Safety requirements.

What if both Workers are Injured.  The 2 Worker solution does not cover this safety issue at all.  If there’s an accident, vehicle rollover, injuries, both workers are incapacitated etc.,  a Safety Device with emergency monitoring service is the only answer.

Employees Can Drop their Guard.  Even with safety training, education, process and procedure, mistakes still happen and people are injured on the job.
SafeTCard is the most widely used Safety Device and Lone Worker monitoring solution in Australia.  At less than 1% of the cost of a second worker, Safety Card can be widely distributed across an employee group.  Including when the Buddy System is used, SafetCard can be deployed to ensure emergency monitored coverage.