Lone Worker Safety - Who Benefits

We automatically assume that a Lone Workers is someone that must be working in remote locations (industries like Mining, Agriculture, Fishing, and Farming). And while these industries and employees are remote in nature, the definition of Lone Worker Safety or “at Risk Workers” for all industries in Australia has changed to encompass any employee that is in a work situation, for any brief period of time, where they are on their own and at some risk of injury or attack. 

Even when employees are working in pairs, if they are remote they still need the ability to send an emergency signal for help. All employers – Government Agencies (Federal, State or Local), as well as Private Industry, have a responsibility to a minimum level of “Duty of Care”. Basically, to provide the tools necessary to keep employees safe on the job.

SafeTCard is the most widely used Lone Worker Safety device in Australia. 1,000’s of devices are now used across multiple industries in Australia to minimize the risk to employees in every job category.

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Lone Worker Safety Solutions by SafeTCard Australia.