Stop Bullying

SafeTCard Lone worker Solution Device Solves Work Place and School Violence and Bullying  

What is Work Place or School violence?

We Love our Children and protect our Children with our lives when we are around them.  But what about when they are at school or most important when they are walking to and from School.

Every Day children are the innocent victim’s in our sometimes cruel society. The events surrounding Daniel Morcombe disappearance have Brought this to light.  Please click on the Daniel Morcombe link above to Donate to help this fantastic cause. 

SafeTCard Lone Worker Solution Australia are protecting Children every day. SafeTCard Lone worker Solution Australia once again has been used by many Parents to protect the loved ones and give them peace of mind when they are not around to give their own personal love and protection they deserve.

SafeTCard Reports most people think of violence as a physical assault. However, workplace & School violence and Bullying is a much broader problem. We have all heard of School Bullying. What about work Bullying,  It is any act in which a person is abused, threatened, intimidated or assaulted in his or her employment. Workplace or School violence includes:

  • threatening behavior – such as shaking fists, destroying property or throwing objects.
  • verbal or written threats – any expression of an intent to inflict harm.
  • harassment – any behavior that demeans, embarrasses, humiliates, annoys, alarms or verbally abuses a person and that is known or would be expected to be unwelcome. This includes words, gestures, intimidation, bullying, or other inappropriate activities.
  • verbal abuse – swearing, insults or condescending language.
  • physical attacks – hitting, shoving, pushing or kicking.
  • Rumors, swearing, verbal abuse, pranks, arguments, property damage, vandalism, sabotage, pushing, theft, physical assaults, psychological trauma, anger-related incidents, rape, arson and murder are all examples of workplace violence.

SafeTCard Lone worker Solution Australia have found that Workplace & School violence and Bullying is not limited to incidents that occur within a traditional workplace or at school. Work-related and School violence and bullying can occur at off-site business-related functions (conferences, trade shows), at sporting events and excursions at social events related to work or school, in clients’ homes or away from work but resulting from work (a threatening telephone call to your home from a client). Social Media has become the most common platform for Bullying and has been the cause for many death related Bullying situations.

SafeTCard Lone Worker Solution Australia puts you back in control and can give you the confidence to confront any situation head on. 

When to Activate the Amber Alert Button

The Amber Alert 

Leaving regular ‘Amber Alert’ is a key part of using SafeTCard lone worker Solution Australia If kept up to date, the ‘Amber Alert’  gives alarm handlers the information needed about you and your location in order to locate you in the event of an emergency.

When the SafeTCard ‘Amber Alert’ button is pressed it opens a connection to SafeTCard Monitoring and give the current GPS Location, the Amber alert is a precaution alarm and will not be actioned unless you raise a subsequent ‘Red Alert’ or do not reset the amber alert Via the SafeTCard Lone Worker Solution Australia Device.

  1. Press and Hold the ‘Amber Alert’ button on the back of the SafeTCard 
  2. You will feel three short vibrations – this is the alert activation, let go of the button.
  3. You will see the Alert symbol displayed on the LCD and on the surrounding LED on the back of the device display a solid amber colour – this means the call is connecting to the Monitoring Station.
  4. Once connected to the Monitoring Station, the amber LED display will flash – 
  5. Amber Timers Automatic ‘Amber Alert’ on the SafeTCard Lone Worker Solution Australia Device can be used to notify a user they are required to confirm they are safe. If the ‘Amber Timer’ function is selected, the starting point is a user to leave a manual ‘Amber Alert’ as normal. Simply give one quick press to the ‘Amber Alert’ button to extend Amber Timer by a further pre-determined time interval (the device will vibrate once to confirm the extension), or press and hold the ‘Amber Alert’ button to stop the device going into ‘Red Alert’ and cancel the Amber Timer (the device will vibrate twice to confirm closure of the Amber Timer). Once the pre-determined time interval has elapsed (typically 15 minutes) SafeTCard Identicom will vibrate five times. This is the device giving you prompt to ensure you are okay. If you do not respond to this prompt from your device, the SafeTCard Identicom will go into ‘Red Alert’.  The SafeTCard Red Alert 

As soon as you feel uncomfortable in any situation you should consider opening a ‘Red Alert’. The ‘Red Alert’ is for use in the event you require immediate assistance or if you feel your safety could be threatened and therefore perhaps benefits from audio monitoring as you carry out a particular activity or journey.

  • The ‘Red Alert’ is discreetly opened by pressing the large button (Triangular alert symbol on button) on the rear of the SafeTCard Identicom device, please do not press this until you’ve carried out the following instructions.
  • Unwillingly detained
  • Blocked or prevented from retreating
  • Still at risk of harm during or after retreating from the incident.

If you feel at risk, pushing the large button in the middle of the rear of the SafeTCard Identicom device will initiate an audio call called a ‘Red Alert’ to the Monitoring Station. Once connected, experienced alarm handles will listen to and monitor the situation you are in, and will be prepared to take appropriate and immediate action on your behalf, if it becomes necessary.  As per the Emergency Response Procedures Forms you Submit for each device and wearer of the SafeTCard.  SafeTCard Lone Worker Solution Australia Identicom Device is a two-way audio communication device where specified. Your employer has selected appropriate device set up in line with your individual risk profile.

  • One-way communication is chosen to maximise discretion and remove any likely-hood (perceived or actual) that a SafeTCard Identicom user will be placed in greater danger due to an operator talking. All manually raised ‘Red Alert’ situations will assume one-way audio is required until a user instructs an operator to ‘break silence’.
  • When a ‘Red Alert’ is raised, the Monitoring Station will listen to your most recent ‘Amber Alert’ message; access your details and points of contact. They will continue to monitor and take the necessary action.
  • Remember the staff at the SafeTCard Lone Worker solution Australia Monitoring Station are fully trained to deal with lone worker situations, and will assess the unfolding events quickly and efficiently.A ‘Red Alert’ can be opened by utilising the ‘Rip Alarm’, which is primarily used to give a user assistance in the event their device is removed forcibly. This is done by simply removing the plug located on the top-left corner (as you look at the rear of the device). The plug is magnetised to give an acceptable amount of resistance in order to prevent false ‘Red Alert’.