Working in an External Location

Employers can do much to help ensure the safety of their workers when the employee is carrying out their duties ‘on-site’, at the employer’s premises, but once when an employee is working in an external location the risk factors change.

Going into an unfamiliar environment and having to deal with members of the public brings with it many potential hazards that have to be faced by many different types of workers on a regular basis.

For example, all of the jobs listed below are likely, at some point, to carry out aspects of their work an external location:

  • Telecoms engineers
  • Postal delivery workers
  • Insurance assessors
  • Gas/electric meter readers
  • Courier/delivery drivers
  • Estate agents
  • Truck drivers
  • Community workers
  • Home carers
  • Doctors
  • Midwives

Much of the additional risk that comes with working in an external location is as a result of having to deal with members of the public. Those having to carry out any of the tasks listed below may be at particular risk of verbal or physical abuse or threatening behaviour.

  • Handling money or valuables
  • Carrying medication or prescription drugs
  • Carrying out inspection or enforcement duties (e.g. government employees)
  • Working with unstable or volatile persons (e.g. social services, or criminal justice system employees)
  • Working late at night / during the hours of darkness
  • Working in an area where alcohol is being served

The fact is that whenever there is direct interaction between employees and the public, there is a potential for violence to occur. According to the law, an employer is required to identify and assess risks and hazards to their employees, and take measures to eliminate or control those risks.

The SafeTCard lone worker device can help to reduce risk by maintaining communication with the worker and monitoring their situation. The emergency duress alarm feature with SafeTCard 24 hour monitoring of any alarm activation, GPS location and audio listening can help employers to comply with OHS Regulations and the Federal WH&S Harmonization Bill.

SafeTCard gives workers, who have to carry out their duties in external locations, confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are safe, secure and protected 24 hours a day in their working environment.