GPS Duress Alarm System

GPS Duress Alarm System by SafeTCard, keeping lone workers safe across many industries.Award-Winning Personal Duress Alarms

Every legitimate safety device should be verified as manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

All monitored personal duress alarm (PDA) systems that have an Emergency Alert, GPS Duress Alarm, Rip Alarm, and/or Man Down Alarms are required to be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

DO NOT use any ARC that is not A1 Grade certified by ASIAL to Australian standards. Any ARC that is not Grade A1 certified, does not have the procedures, training and protocols in place to ensure reliable emergency response.

SafeTCard’s ARC is certified Grade A1. Graded by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association), ensuring the most reliable monitoring in Australia.

Our reliable 24/7 monitoring, personal GPS duress alarm devices ensure that every alarm is handled with professionally trained staff and emergency alerts are handled efficiently and emergency services are contacted when needed.

These protection devices are often worn by people who work in high-risk occupations, such as healthcare workers, security employees, and lone workers, as well as individuals who may be at risk of assault, abduction, or other sorts of violent crimes.

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