Lone Worker Monitoring Solutions

‘Working alone’ is working anywhere a person is unable to get immediate assistance from colleagues or other people.

Experts in lone worker monitoring

The SafeTCard solo worker monitoring solution is the number one choice for protecting isolated workers, remote workers, individuals working alone, high risk workers and individuals within Australia.  

Our OHS High Risk and Lone Worker Safety Systems Australia assist 1000s of Australian businesses in meeting their Duty of Care obligations for their lone, isolated, remote, and high-risk workers.

Isolated workers or people who work alone are individuals who perform their job duties without close or direct supervision or immediate access to co-workers. Security guards, field technicians, healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, and other occupations fall within this category.

SafeTCard’s range of lone worker monitoring devices ensure the safety of individuals who work alone or in remote locations. The monitoring process involves using various technologies and systems to keep track of people who work alone and provide assistance in case of emergencies or potential risks.

Our range of duress alarms and isolated worker safety products include:


Why SafeTCard?

Our lone worker monitoring systems help to enhance the safety and well-being of individuals who work alone. We provide a means of communication, real-time tracking, and quick response in emergencies, which plays a crucial role in mitigating risks, improving worker safety, and complying with occupational health and safety regulations.

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Examples of who is at risk

Abusive customers, road rage, violence

Abusive / violent patients / clients/ relatives, manual handling (lifting) injuries

Electric shocks, trips, cuts, falls, accidents, confined spaces

Abuse, violence, robbery, traffic hazards, accidents, biological hazards, falls, burns, toxic exposures

Animal attacks, weather, machinery accidents, chemicals, falling trees

Falls, injury, lifting, injuries from garbage handling, infections, needle sticks, chemicals, violence, robbery

Adverse behaviour

Animal attacks, abusive customers, violence, robbery, accidents

Manual handling injuries, abusive/violent patients, drug handling, robbery, violence

Robbery, violence, abuse, vehicle fumes

Robbery, violence, abuse, manual handling injuries

Confined spaces, toxic gases, biohazards, slips and falls

Abuse, road rage, violence, robbery, road accidents, falling asleep at the wheel

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