Domestic and Family Violence Safety Devices

A safety device that is an effective deterrent, for Women and families at risk

Domestic violence is the high profile topic (some say epidemic) in Australia today, and unfortunately this disproportionately affects women and children. A long history and culture of keeping it quiet, letting the family deal with it, it’s the man’s responsibility to manage his business – is now quickly changing and evolving to a much improved story. High profile people like Rosie Batty & the Luke Batty Foundation that have either experienced or been impacted by Domestic violence, attending conferences and speaking up and putting a once taboo topic front and center forcing discussion and solutions. And organizations like The White Ribbon Foundation with programs to help educate Men and Boys against violence towards women and girls. Politicians are now paying attention to their constituents and the statistics and are beginning to take meaningful action. $1.9 Billion in recent funding by the Victorian Government this year to start implementing the recommendations made by the “Royal Commission into Family Violence”. Link to News Article. 

Domestic Violence is not an overnight fix. But Domestic Violence is now out of the closet and highly visible and being discussed. The more focus and attention, the more funds for education, the quicker we start changing the current environment and culture.

The SafeTCard Domestic & Family Violence Safety Solutions work! A safety device that is an effective deterrent, for Women and families at risk. Domestic Violence CASE STUDY.

SafeTCard is proud to supply an emergency Safety Device that has become a very effective deterrent for Women & Children dealing with current domestic violence issues & abuse. As well as supplying the many Organizations that support these Women Children with immediate needs.

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