Case Study - Domestic Violence Solutions

Australian Wide Foundation- Offers Programs to protect Adults & Children from Abuse & Violence.

He hasn't breached it at all since

Female Subject – had been experiencing controlling behavior from her ex-partner for two years….. “I wouldn’t let him into the house, so he tried breaking his way in. I ran to the phone to call the police, and he cut off the phone line. I would go to sleep with the home phone in one hand and my mobile in the other, just waiting. I had never been this frightened in my entire life.  He had breached the intervention order between twenty and fifty times in the lead-up to me getting the SafeTCard. He hasn’t breached it at all since.”

Results – Multiple women wore the device for the pilot project. There were zero incidences of harm while women were wearing the card. There are now thirty women using SafeTCard daily, and hundreds more requests.  “Remarkably, we did not have one woman have a face to face breach.  This card is giving women living with the threat of violence, ability to get their lives back”.

How SafeTCard works

  • Instant Red Alert Alarm

  • Grab Alarm (Just rip Lanyard and Create an Alarm)

  • Automatic Man Down Alarm (If you are immobilized on the floor or tackled to the ground)

  • GPS Location (to give quick & Accurate response by Emergency Services)

  • Bread Crumb Tracking (to locate device if you have moved from Alarm Location)

  • Audio Calls

  • Instant SMS Message to advise where you are

  • Capture Verbal Abuse (recorded for later prosecution)

  • Allows Discreet Activation and 24/7 Monitoring

  • Amber Alert (giving you peace of mind in or out of the home.)

  • Chaperone Feature Available