How SafeTCard Works

Main Features:

The Discreet Form factor allows your staff to wear the SafeTCard and it looks like a regular ID.  So if your staff is remote or they are in a duress situation, they can activate the emergency button without escalating a situation.  This Form Factor is unique to SafeTCard and is invaluable to people working alone, that travel on a regular basis, or are in hazardous or high risk situations.

The Emergency Button is programmed to contact SafeTCard’s 24 hour monitoring center.  The Card can send a variety of signals that are all seen by the control room operator. The wearer is then in contact with a trained operator that can assess the situation and contact the appropriate person based on the emergency;  a Carer, a family member or emergency services.

GPS Location & tracking feature allows the control room operator to accurately locate the wears location and direct the responders to the precise location.  And with the Voice communication feature that control room operator can initiate a 1 way or 2 way conversation.  1 way so a high risk situation is not escalated, but can be recorded.  2 way if the wearer can speak with the operator.

Each Card has a custom, pre-configured SIM card that allows the card to send the various signals to the control room anywhere there is mobile network coverage.