Our History

SafeTCard Australia was formed in 2010 with the objective of providing Safety Solutions for working Australians with the most innovative, diverse, modern and technically advanced products for Lone/Remote/Isolated worker, high risk worker and AT RISK Individual’s.

SafeTCard Australia

SafeTCard Australia manages and monitors over 6000 personal safety devices for lone workers, Australia-wide for 350+ clients. Our head office is based in Queensland, co-located with our ASIAL Certified Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre. SafeTCard has sales agents located in every state and territory in Australia. The business has had exponential growth over its 15 years.

The SafeTCard solution, in its many forms, has been deployed successfully for many state and national departments, mitigating social and environmental risk for ‘at risk staff’ across a multitude of private and government industries.

SafeTCard has a dedicated team of admin, technical, and support staff to support fleet rollouts, contract management, post-sale support, and client liaison. We provide an end-to-end service following the initial purchase of our products which includes all levels of post-sales, technical, and training support for the entirety of the contracted term.

Our successful history in managing large client fleets (500+ devices) has resulted in many contract extensions and renewals. SafeTCard Australia has a strict Quality Management system that governs the management of the business in all aspects. We are internationally certified to ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems and supply of duress systems. This is audited annually to ensure compliance. The system ensures that our service and product delivery are measurable and delivered to the highest standard possible.

Offering 24/7 alarm monitoring is essential to ensure the protection of our end users. SafeTCard has all monitoring services provided by Valour Security Services (VSS). Valour Security’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) has the appropriate certifications and accreditations to accommodate the SafeTCard solution. The ARC is a Grade A1 ASIAL certified control room (the highest grading possible) and adheres to the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines.

SafeTCard Mission Statement:

‘To offer Companies, business and individuals the most comprehensive technology available and continue to be the leading provider and bench mark in lone worker technology. Features that include Safety, 24/7 Emergency, Duress, GPS, Man down, and Amber alert. In addition, a Mobile Workforce Management platform for business and staff continuity for Lone – Isolated & High Risk Workers and High risk individuals, to help companies reduce Costs of Extra staff or potential Litigation related to clients duty of care. 

" Alert Today Alive Tomorrow "