Our History

SafeTCard Australia

SafeTCard Australia was formed in 2010 with the objective of providing Safety Solutions for working Australians with the most innovative, diverse, modern and technically advanced products for Lone/Remote/Isolated worker, high risk worker and AT RISK Individual’s. 

SafeTCard Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated. As a family owned and operated business, our goal is to provide a product that will enable all people to arrive home safely to their loved ones at the end of each day.

SafeTCard Australia is committed to help minimize workplace deaths, accidents, abuse and assault of employees and Individuals at risk of Domestic and Family Violence

Bob Hoult the Managing Director, with over 30 years in the security industry understood the need for the protection of his security staff and realised the need for safety for all employees involved in Lone - Isolated – Remote & High risk worker places and individuals at risk.

SafeTCard is the leading provider and bench mark for personal safety. With GPS positioning, duress and man down device and 24/7 monitoring, available in Australia.

SafeTCard is the only device available in Australian that meets the stringent international BS8484 (UK Standard) for lone worker devices.

SafeTCard is helping the productivity of organisations, staff management, Duty of Care and business continuity of all Government Agencies and Industry, as well as helping reduce cost of litigation and compensation. 


SafeTCard Mission Statement:

‘To offer Companies, business and individuals the most comprehensive technology available and continue to be the leading provider and bench mark in lone worker technology. Features that include Safety, 24/7 Emergency, Duress, GPS, Man down, and Amber alert. In addition, a Mobile Workforce Management platform for business and staff continuity for Lone – Isolated & High Risk Workers and High risk individuals, to help companies reduce Costs of Extra staff or potential Litigation related to clients duty of care. 


‘Alert Today Alive Tomorrow'