Man Down Safety Solutions 

SafeTCard’s Man Down Safety Solution is the benchmark Safety product for Lone, High Risk, remote or

isolated workers in Australia. SafeTCard Australia is accredited with International

Certification ISO9001:2015 - and is a quality endorsed company. With a wide range of customizable

features to meet specific needs of every business and protect your front line staff.


A discreet Form Fact to trigger an emergency alert without risking an escalation event. Rip Alarm

triggers an immediate emergency alert . A sudden change in Card angle/attribution triggers a Man

Down Duress alarm. GPS location tracking. One way voice records abusive situations for Police

prosecution. Two way Amber Alert allows check-in and check-out location based movement.

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SafeTCard Man or Person Down Red Alert Training Video                  



SafeTCard Amber Alert Training Video                                                 



SafeTCard Red Alert Training Video                                                      



SafeTCard Getting a GPS Fix on the Card - Training Video



SafeTCard Status Check Training Video



SafeTCard Switching the Card On & Off