Lone Worker App 

With the proliferation of APP’s across every industry type, there are also APP’s available in the Lone

Worker safety category. However, we do NOT recommend APP’s be used in Lone Work/high risk

scenarios. In a real emergency, you may not be able to reach into a purse, or a pocket, or get back to

your vehicle to find your phone, then find the APP and finally trigger an emergency alarm. BUYER

BEWARE – because Apps are cheap and easy to build, don’t require certifications or quality assurance,

you will get what you pay for.


The SafeTCard Lone Worker APP can work stand alone, but is best utilized via our mobile workforce

platform. It has a simple, easy to use interface, appropriate set of features, can be easily incorporated

into Clients existing systems and most important; is monitored by our Grade A1 monitoring station. You

should always verify that the Monitoring Station is “Grade A1 Certified” otherwise emergency services

will not respond. This certification confirms policy & procedure for handling all emergency alarm


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